Minikino Monthly Screening & Discussion: S-EXPRESS 2013 MALAYSIA

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Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014
Saturday, 10 May 2014
19.30 – 21.30 PM
at Minihall Irama Indah
Jl. Diponegoro 114, Denpasar
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S-Express Malaysia 2013
Programmer: Amir Muhammad
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Amir adalah penulis dan Independen Filmmaker yang berbasis di Kuala Lumpur. Ia telah menulis untuk media cetak Malaysia sejak usia 14 trahun. pada tahun 2000 ia menulis dan menyutradarai sebuah film feature digital pertama di Malaysia dan karya tersebut telah ditayangkan di banyak film festival Internasional, termasuk Sundance & Berlin Film Festival. Ia juga terlibat dan membantu banyak produksi film digital lainnya. Sejak masa itu, ia beralih ke bidang penerbitan dan menjalankan sebuah usaha penerbitan “Matahari Books”

Curated by: Amir Muhammad
A writer and independent filmmaker based in Kuala Lumpur. Amir has been writing for the Malaysian print media since the age of 14. In 2000, he wrote and directed Malaysia’s first DV feature, and his works have been featured in many international film festivals including Sundance and Berlin. He has also helped produce several other Malaysian DV movies. He has since moved into publishing and is running Matahari Books.

Budak Baru
2013 / 17 min. / Director: Megat Shahrizal

A newly appointed house officer, Azlynn, is assigned to a hospital and mentored by Dr. Azmy. But Azlynn finds her idealistic image of the caring profession starting to unravel when confronted with the stark reality. The script is by the bestselling novelist Nadia Khan and is based on her own experiences as a medical student.

2010 / 3 min. / Director: Yuga J Vardhan

An 18-year-old teenager’s acquaintance with a middle-aged man who tells him of a murder which he perceives he committed. Mirror is a reflection of how an individual’s ignorance could or would cause a progressive chain of calamities to themselves and their surroundings.

2011 / 10 min. / Director: Yuga J Vardhan

Keng Wee returns to his hometown to visit his old Indian nanny, Ma with newly married wife, Molly. His first visit after nearly 10 years where he is taken back by the physical reminiscence of his early childhood years. In pursuit of recapturing the memories and beauty of his past he takes a drive along the paths he followed as a child.

Children of Tomorrow
2013 / 26 min. / Director: Yuga J Vardhan

Showing intimate details of the lives of people living and working in an old folks home, it poses the uncomfortable questions of who will be there for us and where we will be tomorrow.

S-Express adalah sebuah kolaborasi regional dalam bentuk pertukaran program film pendek, termasuk didalamnya adalah screening dan diskusi oleh para filmmaker dan kurator dari negara-negara yang terlibat (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, dan Cina) menjadi penggambaran sekilas mengenai pencapaian kegiatan perfileman di Asia.

Di Indonesia, program S-Express selalu diputar di Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest), ketika Jiffest tidak dilaksanakan, program S-Express diputar di Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival.

Pada tahun 2014, Minikino akan memutarkan keseluruhan program S-Express 2013 secara berkala setiap bulan, dimulai dari Indonesia.

S-Express is a regional collaboration in short films program, includes screenings and talks by filmmakers and curators from the participating countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and China) is an insight to developments of the filmmaking in Asia.


About Minikino

Minikino is a group of people who believe that a short movie is a form of art that, like a poem or short story, is a self-contained work of literature. Seizing this idea, Minikino brings a unique selection of short films (and the makers) from around the world to audience in Indonesia and vice versa.

Minikino runs a monthly screening and discussion since 2002, to provide filmmakers with an opportunity to screen their work to a wider audience. Minikino also provides film festivals both in and out of Indonesia with a unique selection of international or Indonesian short films. At the same time Minikino provides its audience with an opportunity to see and discuss about films they might never get to see otherwise.
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